How To Factory Reset MyQ Garage Door Opener – 4 Easy Steps

Do you want to learn how to factory reset myQ garage door opener? Chamberlain’s MyQ garage is considered a smart-home gateway solution as it provides you with the authority to monitor and open or shut your garage gate through the internet website.

With the help of the MyQ garage door opener, no matter whether you are at home or not, you can control the opening and closing of your garage door.

However, internet service is required for this. The MyQ apps further allow you to configure personalized alarms or alerts. You can always track whether your garage door is open or closed.

This is particularly important from a security point of view; you always have an eye on your property whether you are there or miles away. The installation of myQ garage is quite easy. It is compatible with the hardware of almost every garage door system.

Factory Resetting the MyQ Device

Why would you want to factory reset the smart garage door opener? Maybe you are having trouble with the MyQ app or you want to erase information from the myQ device.

Moreover, if you are shifting or moving, upgrading your device, or selling it, you need to factory reset it in order to erase all the private information present in the myQ hub.

Two important steps before factory resetting the myQ device are;

  • Ensure that the internet connection is proper
  • Gain proper access to the myQ base station, which is a tiny box in your garage, it has a connection to your wifi.

 Let’s go through the step-by-step instructions to factory reset the myQ garage door opener;

Step 1

  • On the MyQ hub, press and hold the settings button.
  • Find the gear icon to identify the myQ setting.

Step 2

  • Wait for the LED to blink blue.
  • Once the LED begins to blink with blue light, release the settings button.

Step 3

  • Ensure that the LED is still blinking.
  • Now press and hold the settings button again.

Step 4

  • Once the LED pauses to blink blue, release the settings button.
  • You may hear a beeping sound at this stage.
  • This beeping sound indicates that the factory resetting has been done.

The process of factory resetting is quite simple and fast. You can get your garage door back to its original factory settings within a matter of minutes. 

However, resetting your MyQ door opener have the following impacts:

Your wifi password, network settings, and name will be removed from the MyQ device.

Every door sensor that has been associated with the hub will be removed from the device.

The device will no longer have your personal information, such as user name, account number, and email address.

The device will no longer be able to control through the wireless keys or remote that have been programmed for the smart garage doors.

Why Would You Need to Factory Reset Your Garage Door Opener?

Factory resetting your myQ garage door opener is not mandatory for you to use it. However, there are situations where you might want to do it.

For example, when you are selling or buying a new house and also while moving to another home. In such cases, factory resetting the myQ garage door opener would ensure that your device can be used in any other home.

Changing ownership and upgrading to another smart garage door opener also calls for a factory reset. In such cases, you need to make sure that your device does not have any private information prior to the sale of your home.

Factory resetting the myQ garage door opener – Impact on Your Device

Factory resetting a MyQ garage door opener has some impacts on your device. For instance, if your device is connected to an online account, all the information on that account will be lost. Hence all the sensors, apps, and other user-related information will be removed.

In addition, factory resetting a MyQ garage door opener has the following impacts on your device:

The voice prompts of the device will be erased, and it will begin to speak in a factory default language. In case you need your device to speak in a particular language, set the language after factory resetting.

All the codes will be deleted from your device including the wifi password, network name, and pin number. This means that you will need to set up your device again after the factory reset.

Once you factory reset your myQ device, it will disconnect from all the previously associated devices and apps. For example, if you have used the

The myQ app will be removed from any of your phones that have been paired with the device.

Final Thoughts

The MyQ garage technology is very useful for you especially when you are at work or away from your home for vacations. Most importantly, it works like a security feature as it alerts you if the garage door is left open by mistake, or if someone has opened it when you are not at home.

You can also learn how to lock garage doors with the MyQ app. This would help you to lock the garage door even if you are miles away. 

We hope this article has been helpful to you in learning about factory resetting myQ garage door openers.

If you have any further questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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