Best 75 Inch TVs Under 1500 | Reviews + Guide

In the world of television, bigger is always better, the 75” TV is the king of all televisions. They are a popular choice for the living room as they offer a lot of space for decor. If you have a bigger family, this could be the right size for you.

There are a lot of TVs on the market nowadays, but finding a good one can be a real challenge. It’s not easy to find a TV that’s good value, and that delivers a great picture. 

However, buying a 75-inch television for under 1500 dollars is a major investment. So, you’ll need to make sure you’re buying the right TV.

Best 75 Inch TVs Under 1500 – Our Top Picks!

Besides Having good value, a great TV needs to have exclusive features. This guide will help you decide which one is right for you. We have compiled a list of the best 75 inch TVs under 1500 dollars budget. We are going to take a look at these 7 models and see which one fits your needs.

1. Sony 75-inch TV

Sony 75-inch 4K LED Smart TV

Our Review:

The Sony 75-inch TV is a beautiful 75 inches television, with a slim design and a powerful quad-core processor, that easily fits into any room in your home. In fact, this TV is a great choice for your entertainment.

It’s a full 4K resolution, so you’ll be able to see a lot of clear crisp images and videos. Further, the combination of ultra-high resolution and HDR video content delivers dazzling detail, color, and contrast.

There is a built-in Ethernet port that allows you to connect to a router to download movies from the internet or watch your favorite live sports. You may also use the Ethernet port to connect your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

This TV has a quad-core processor, which allows you to watch high-quality movies and play games with a minimum of lag. Upscale everything you watch with built-in speakers, which provide high-quality sound.

With Google Assistant built-in, you can easily find your favorite shows and movies using voice commands. Moreover, this is a great feature, especially if you are a Google user. It allows you to ask this Assistant to do things like changing the volume, switching to a different input, and more.

This TV has a slim profile that can easily hang on your wall, and it comes with a sturdy stand that can hold it up even if you move it around. Also durable so it won’t get damaged easily, and it is easy to clean.

We found that this smart TV is compatible with Alexa, which allows you to control your TV with voice commands. It also works with the HomeKit and Apple HomeKit, so you can use it with your iPhone or iPad.

Overall, this is a great TV, that is affordable as it comes under 1500$, you can entertain with it without breaking your bank, so consider it. 

  • Large screen
  • Bright vivid colors
  • Compatible
  • Slim and sturdy
  •  It does not support Bluetooth

2. SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class QLED

SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class QLED

Our Review:

The SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class QLED is an excellent solution for anyone looking for a 4K smart TV that is loaded with exclusive smart features. In another case, it is a TV that is made to be a great gaming console.

It has a 75-inch screen, which is great for people that want to watch movies and other content on the large display. On this size TV, watching movies and TV shows becomes easier. You will also be able to enjoy the content with less fatigue and less strain on your eyes.

A high refresh rate of 120Hz is ideal for gaming and sports, and it also makes the experience more immersive. If you want a TV that you can use as a computer monitor, the SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class QLED is a great choice.

With an on-screen guide option, you can quickly find what you’re looking for, and it will be easier to navigate through the menus and channels. you can easily find your favorite content with just a few clicks. 

The TV also has a lot of great smart features, like the ability to control the volume, change the channel, adjust the brightness, and more. The sound quality is also great, and the speakers are on the back of the TV.

After testing it, we found that it has Alexa built-in which allows you to easily set reminders, search for music, and more with just a single touch. So all you have to do is say “Alexa” or “Hey Alexa” and then give a command.

There is also a sleek remote control with a single touch to mirror your phone on the TV screen, so you can watch videos from your mobile device on your TV screen. Moreover, You can get all of this for only $1500, which is an incredible price for a TV of this quality.

We would definitely recommend this TV to anyone who is looking for a high-quality home entertainment system.

  • Excellent picture quality
  • Smart features
  • Reasonable price
  • Higher refresh rate
  • Remote is not much good

3. TCL 75-inch 4K Smart Roku TV

TCL 75-inch 4K Smart Roku TV

Our Review:

TCL 75-inch 4K Smart Roku TV is an impressive television with a stunning design and picture quality that makes watching movies, sports, and more pleasure. It’s also packed with smart features and apps, which make it easy to use and get the most out of it.

The set comes with a whopping 75 inches of screen size with 4K resolution. This combination outputs the best images and sounds, making it a great choice. You can watch movies in all their glory, and games and other things will look even more realistic.

It comes with thousands of streaming channels, enjoys over 500,000 movies and TV episodes, and also provides a simple and easy-to-use home screen, which allows you to personalize the set and control the smart features and apps. 

This TV is a good choice for people that are looking for a smart TV under 1500 dollars, also if you are a Netflix or Hulu Plus subscriber, then you’ll have no problem finding the best content for your viewing pleasure.

It provides very good picture quality, and the high dynamic range (HDR) feature enhances the brightness and contrast of the image to make it more realistic, have fun with a lifelike viewing experience.

Roku’s mobile app includes voice controls as well as integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With this feature, you will be able to control your TV from anywhere in the house, also great for gaming, and sports.

We found the WiFi connectivity and other port options that are also impressive, you can connect the TV to your home network and enjoy a full suite of entertainment features. Hence, TCL is a great choice if you are looking for a smart TV under the budget.

  • Easy to use
  • Simple home screen
  • Easy voice control
  • Lots of streaming channel
  • The lack of an HDMI 2.1 port

4. TCL 75-inch 6-Series 4K QLED Roku Smart TV

TCL 75-inch 6-Series 4K QLED Roku Smart TV

Our Review:

TCL is the world’s leading television brand, it has been delivering the best products in the market for many years. Now it’s bringing its top-notch quality and expertise to the smart TVs segment as well.

This 75 inches TV offers a quantum dot display that will give you the best picture quality. This technology is very effective in displaying colors more precisely and accurately. Further, its Mini-LED Technology gives incredible viewing in any environment.

The speakers on this TV are great too. They can deliver a crystal clear sound that will allow you to enjoy your favorite TV shows and films to the fullest. Moreover, you can enjoy the smoothest action and an optimized fast-response gaming experience on the big screen.

It comes with a 4K Ultra HD resolution that will bring out the best quality in the video. Also, The contrast ratio of this TV is great and provides excellent visibility for both dark and bright scenes.

The best thing about this TV is that you don’t need to worry about finding a cable, because it offers a wide variety of connectivity to connect it to other devices. You can enjoy all your favorite movies and games right at your fingertips.

After testing it, we observed that you can control this smart TV without turning on the remote control. Because the Roku OS provides seamless access to thousands of streaming channels, your cable box, Blu-ray player, gaming console, and other devices without flipping through inputs or complicated menus.

Therefore, we say that it is one of the best 75 inch TVs for under 1500$, so if you are looking for a TV with smart features and excellent picture quality then we strongly suggest you check out this.

  • Easy voice controls
  • Real color contrast
  • Large screen
  • Easy to use
  • None

5. Sony 75 Inch LED Smart Google TV

Sony 75 Inch LED Smart Google TV

Our Review:

Sony is a brand that is known for its quality products, its Sony 75 Inch LED Smart Google TV is perfect for watching movies on a large screen. This is one of the best television under $1500 and has been on the market for quite a while.

These TVs are great for streaming all your favorite content online from Netflix, Google, Amazon, and others. So, you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies without having to pay a cable bill.

Whether you are entertaining family members at home or at work, the amazing smart TV is the perfect companion. It has a sleek and modern beautiful display that comes with 4K resolution which allows you to watch movies and shows in high definition.

Further, The picture quality on these TVs is excellent as it reproduces more colors than a conventional TV resulting in a natural and precise picture, and closer than ever to real life.

You can use voice commands to change channels, adjust volume, and turn your TV on/off, as it supports Alexa. Therefore, it is very easy to use and you can control it from the comfort of your home.

With a 120 HZ refresh rate, it allows smooth and clear motion on the screen, provides fast-moving sequences in sports, action movies, and games to be seen with lifelike clarity. You can experience sharper images with less motion blur, even in fast-moving scenes, that’s why it is ideal for gaming.

We found that the speakers use Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology, so they can deliver high-quality sound. Another thing we liked about this television is that it has a beautiful flat screen that is made to fit perfectly in your home. But it’s important to remember that they are big TVs, which means, not suitable for everyone.

Anyways, if you are looking for a  TV at an affordable price then the Sony 75 Inch LED Smart Google TV might be the perfect choice for you.

  • It’s smart
  • Beautiful design
  • Bright and clear display
  • Clear sound
  • Pricey

6. Vizio 75-Inch M7 Smart TV

Our Review:

This VIZIO Smart 75-inch 4K HDR TV has everything you need for a great home entertainment experience. The picture quality is sharp and vivid with rich colors giving you a 4 times better resolution than standard.

It is one of the best TVs with a very affordable price tag as you can get it for under 1500 dollars. You can watch TV shows, movies, and play games with this smart TV also you can use it as a computer monitor or a gaming console.

These TVs are very easy to set up and they also come with a wall mount for your convenience. So if you are looking for a good quality TV that can be easily adjustable in your space then this television is for you.

You can easily control all of its functions with the voice remote control or through Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Homekit for smart home integration. It will save your time and effort as you don’t have to go to the TV remote every time you want to change the channel or play a game.

We tested it and found that the picture quality of this TV is so good that you won’t even realize you’re watching it on television, it looks like you are watching it in a cinema. Because it features a Quantum Dot display for even brighter colors that results in a deeper contrast and sharper images.

Hundreds of streaming channels are free on this TV including news, sports, movies, TV shows. Without any logins, subscriptions, or fees, just free entertainment. You can also watch live TV and recorded shows.

This TV is also very easy to use as it comes with different connectivity ports, you can connect it to other devices to entertain more, like your phone, tablet, or even a smart home hub.

So if you are looking for a nice high-quality TV that will add value to your home, then you should definitely consider purchasing this amazing VIZIO Smart TV.

  • Gives a more immersive range of colors
  • Incredible picture quality
  • Faster browsing
  • Clear and crisp sound
  • No Bluetooth

7. SAMSUNG 75-inch Class Crystal TV

SAMSUNG 75-inch Class Crystal TV

Our Review:

The SAMSUNG 75-inch Class Crystal TV is a perfect choice if you’re looking for an amazing TV that comes with smart features. It can easily fit in your living room, and you can even use it for other purposes like gaming and watching movies.

It offers a great picture quality that will make your viewing experience enjoyable and comfortable because it allows 4 k resolution that transforms everything you watch into stunning and crystal clear images.

This smart TV supports different apps and services that allow you to use all of its functions. You can watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and many other content providers with just a tap on the remote control.

You can also check your sports scores, read the news, play games, and watch movies with your friends and family. It also comes with a powerful processor that will keep you entertained and satisfied throughout the day.

It is a very affordable model and you can easily get it for less than 1500 dollars. Quality-wise it will be the best investment you will ever make. No matter what your budget is, you will be satisfied with this model.

We found that with the universal guide option on this TV you can access your favorite channels faster without wasting time on searching channels, and you can also easily switch to your favorite channels. 

In addition, These televisions are famous for their great picture quality and wireless technology, which are two main reasons why we like these products.

All in all, the SAMSUNG TV is an excellent option if you are looking for a big screen with great picture quality and smart features that will help you keep your household running smoothly.

  • Great picture quality
  • Bright colors
  • Large Screen
  • Smart and efficient
  • No wall mounting brackets

Our Testing Process and Selection Criteria!

We put together a panel of experts to test out the best 75-inch TVs under 1500. We had pundits and specialists in the field of television testing, as well as general consumers, to give us their feedback.

We start by measuring the contrast ratio, color accuracy, and brightness of each individual model. We also evaluate the resolution, input lag, and refresh rate. Then we move on to the subjective tests.

We have a group of maestros who watched movies and TV shows on each TV. They rate the picture quality, speakers quality, and other smart features. Finally, we take all of this information and compare it to similar TVs to find the best ones.

We wanted to make sure that the TVs on our list had a resolution of at least 1080p. Next, we looked at the refresh rate. We desired to ensure that the TVs had a refresh rate of a minimum of 60Hz. Finally, we looked at the ports and connections. We planned to take into consideration, that the TVs had at least three HDMI ports and one USB port.

All this was done, to make sure that our readers would be getting the most for their money. We also took into account the reviews of other customers. After putting in all the effort, in the end, we came up with a list of the best 75-inch TVs that are available for under 1500 dollars.

After our testing was complete, we found that the best 75-inch TV under $1500 is the TCL 75-inch 4K Smart Roku TV. It offered excellent picture and sound quality, and proved its worth when tested to the limit. It’s also packed with eye-catching features, making it one of the most complete TVs on the market, according to our journalists’ reports.

Key Points To Consider While Buying 75 Inch TV Under 1500

When it comes to TVs, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good one. However, there are some things to consider before you decide on a model. Here are some tips to help you find the right one.


The first thing to think about is what kind of resolution you’re looking for in your TV. Most models available today come in at around 1080p or 720p, depending on the size of your viewing area. The higher the resolution, the clearer the picture will be, 4K resolution is recommended.

Refresh Rate

A high refresh rate will generally mean more sharpness and clarity when watching movies and sports. 

On the other hand, a lower refresh rate will allow a TV to run cooler and conserve battery life. You’ll have to consider both aspects in order to make an informed decision. Most 75 inches TVs come with a 60 to 120 Hz refresh rate, you can choose 120Hz which will be a better option.

Connectivity Options

If you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you should look for a TV that has one or more options to connect to those devices. For example, a smart TV will usually offer options for streaming content via apps like Netflix or Hulu. This will allow you to stream content on your TV without needing to plug a device into it. 

In addition, some TVs will also offer Bluetooth connections for your phone so you can easily control your smart home gadgets. You should consider all of the connectivity options, it will let you seamlessly control your TV from your couch.


One of the more common questions, when you’re looking for a TV, is whether it has a set of built-in speakers. Therefore, if you plan to watch television shows or movies on your set, then you may have to consider a set that has built-in speakers. 

This will allow you to listen to the dialog and sound effects without having to sit next to the television. Hence, you’ll be able to have a more comfortable viewing experience.

Colors and Brightness

Many manufacturers are now making use of OLED technology for their TVs. This is the same technology that’s used in smartphones and other electronics, so you know that the colors are going to pop off the screen.

If you’re looking for a high-definition model, you’ll want to find a model with the highest resolution, which will help improve the picture quality, for 75 inches TV 4K resolution is the best.


Finally, our goal was to provide you with a detailed comparison between the 75 inch TV for under 1500$. Our research covered various aspects including the overall user experience and satisfaction. After conducting an in-depth analysis, we identified the 7 best 75 inch TVs under 1500$.

All products we reviewed above are very genuine, you can pick any of them but we suggest you consider the TCL 75-inch 4K Smart Roku TV because it has lots of exciting features that will improve your TV experience.

We hope you find this article helpful, and we encourage you to share it with your friends. If you have any questions, please let us know what you think.


Is a 75 inch TV too big?

Some people say it’s too big, we think it’s just the right size. It’s big enough to feel like you’re at the theater but not so big that you lose the intimacy of a small group of friends gathering around to watch a movie.

What is the best 75 in TV under $1500?

There are a lot of great TVs available for $1500, and you can get a good smart TV for that price. You should consider some factors before buying a TV-like: picture quality, deep blacks, good brightness, features, etc

Is a TV for 1500 too expensive?

What’s considered expensive is all relative. There are people around the world who would be more than happy to spend $1500 on a TV, as there are people who would balk at even spending $120 on a TV. It all comes down to what you’re used to spending on a TV and what your expectations are.

Is buying an expensive TV worth it?

Whether or not you can afford to buy an expensive TV depends on what you’re going to use it for. If you’re going to be watching it a lot, then it might be worth investing in a high-quality TV for your viewing pleasure.

Is 4K enough for 75 inches?

If you’re not near the TV and viewing it from a distance, you probably won’t be able to see the difference between 4K and HD. Generally, 4K is enough if you’re sitting closer to the screen than 6 feet away.